Everything You Need to Know About Pet Care

Are you the owner of a pet? Perhaps it’s a dog, cat, fish, guinea pig, mouse or even a snake – no matter what type of pet you have, you have the ability to show it love and care to ensure it’s a beloved member of your family. The care you provide for your pet will depend on a lot of things – the type of pet, the breed, the size and of course, its individual personality.

To get started on providing the best pet care for your loved animal, read through this All About Pets Guide – we have everything you need to know about caring for your dog, cat and/or fish. We hope to add more pages to this website soon, which will be about other types of pets you may own.

Pet Care Guide

Reasons for getting/owning a pet

If you don’t own a pet currently, but you’re thinking of getting one, it’s important that you get on for the right reasons. Here are a few reasons why you should get a pet:

  • You have a lot of love to give
  • You have the time and money to be able to look after a pet
  • You want some company at home (and/or at work)

Here are a few reasons why you should not get a pet:

  • You’re bored and want something to do
  • Your kids are bored and need a distraction
  • You want to impress someone

Getting a pet is almost like having a child – you can’t just get one and leave it to do its own thing! If you don’t have time, money or effort for a pet, don’t get one – it would be cruel to the pet (for example, if you get a dog but have to leave it at home while you go to work 6 days a week).

Where to get a pet

There are a few different options throughout Melbourne for where you can get your pet:

  • Pet Shop – there are a number of pet shops in Melbourne that you can go to in search of your new pet. Pet shops generally have a variety of animals available, from hamsters and rats to puppies and kittens.
  • Local Breeder – if you are after a specific breed of cat or dog, it’s likely you’ll have to get it from a local cat or dog breeder in Melbourne.
  • Animal Shelter – the best thing you can do is to adopt a pet who is in need of a loving home. There are many animal shelters throughout the country that have many animals looking for new life long owners.

What your pet will need

No matter what type of pet you have, these are the basics that they’ll need:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Shelter

Other things your pet may need:

If you don’t have the funds or a budget to be able tor regularly provide this for your pet, you’ll need to reconsider whether getting a pet is a good idea or not.

Continue reading through this guide for more information on how to provide pet care for dogs, cats and fish.